Okiko in pursuit of a snail

Child-Led Evaluation of the PPA programme in Kenya

Laura Hughston | Plan International UK, DFID | 2015

Okiko in pursuit of a snail

This is third and final report of a series of three evaluations entirely led by children, here with the youngest group so far. Children beneficiaries of the programme, selected evaluation questions, collected and analysed data in order to deliver an assessment of this multi-sectoral programme working on issues of education, gender, economic empowerment, violence, governance and SRHR. This experience took place in Kenya with a slightly modified methodology to include an assessment of the programme’s role in influencing rules and regulations through advocacy. Neither the younger age of the evaluators nor the additional level of analysis pushed the process beyond children’s ability, hence demonstrating that the meaningful involvement of children in M&E no longer needs to remain an aspiration but can be a practical and even easy way to enrich our understanding of change and enhance programme quality. 


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Plan International UK, DFID

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